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Men’s Ministry Kayak Project

Posted in Uncategorized on June 20, 2009 by gospel2live
Chuck, Jim, and Dale work at stripping the hull.

Chuck, Jim, and Dale work on stripping the hull.

I haven’t posted for awhile.  After a week at Miracle Bible Camp, we just finished a week of Vacation Bible School while working on the kayak with the guys in the afternoon and evenings.  We are building a pair of kayaks for Josh Sorvik, whose dad is a pastor friend of mine.  Josh was paralyzed in a ski accident in March.  You can follow Josh’s progress at

I have created a photo album for the project on facebook.  You can see the album here.  I will continue to add photos as the project progresses.  We have already finished stripping the hull of the first boat.  I hope to get the forms ready for the second boat so that we can work on stripping both boats on Monday.  Although I tend to be overly optimistic on my timeframes, I hope to be able to fiberglass the outside of the kayaks by the end of the week or the first thing next week.

Most of the wood for these projects has been salvaged from siding from houses that were re-sided.  The wood was going to be burned, but we were able to take it and rip it into strips that will eventually be these boats.  On the bottom of the first boat, we have used many strips that have nail holes in them.  The symbolism of nail holes to a Christian should need no explanation.  Nonetheless, as the project continues we are reminded of the redemption that is ours through the nails that pierced the Lord Jesus.  So too, we have taken materials that were doomed to burn, and are in the process of redeeming them into something both beautiful and useful.

I’ll try to give more thoughts and updates as time allows.

Dale Skinner (78) and Hudson Erickson (2) working together on the kayak.

Dale Skinner (78) fits the final strips, while Hudson Erickson (2) pulls staples with dad's leatherman.